Moving to a New Home Later in Life: Adjusting to Your New Home

moving to a new home later in life

Throughout the prior installments of this Sixty and Me blog series, Ive covered the many facets of deciding to move to a new home later in life and how to prepare. Once youve moved, how do you retread to your new living quarters and community?

All Those Boxes

If you followed the tips in the blog on preparing for your move, unpacking should be straightforward.

One of the first things to do is set up your bed and some tables and chairs so you can rest during the process. Next, unpack some of your favorite things to help you finger like this is your place. It could be a favorite picture or a special item that signifies you are at home.

Basic Arrival Chores

Take these practical steps to stave headaches lanugo the road.

Are the Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Working?

Replace batteries or unshortened units if necessary.

Are There Repair or Maintenance Issues?

Before unloading anything, walk through your new living space to spot anything that needs fixing or clean-up. If renting, zestful the landlord. If you are the owner, make this your to-do list to alimony your new home in top-notch shape.

Tell the State Youre Here

Moving wideness state lines? You may need to file a document tabbed “Declaration of Domicile” to let the state know youre a new resident ready to pay taxes. Check on the specific rules well-nigh declaring residency in your new state.

Register to Vote

Its easy to forget this detail, so spare yourself problems on referendum day by registering as soon as possible. Also, squint up the state and local government representatives who imbricate your area.

Where Are the Municipality and County Offices?

Knowing where to find Municipality Hall, the county service center, the police department, and the closest fire station can speed up getting help from the local government if needed.

Change Your Driver’s License

You may be worldly-wise to use your old license legally for a while, but having a picture ID with your new write can help stave many hassles. You may moreover need to register your vehicles in your new location. Check local rules concerning this to stave future problems with law enforcement.

Get Out and Explore

Its time to learn well-nigh your new community. Do a Google search on “stores near me” to compile a list of local businesses. Also, squint for interesting destinations like coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, bars, gyms, museums, theaters, and polity centers.

Youll moreover want to know where to find the post office, parks, trails, libraries and recycling centers. For churchgoers, squint for congregations in the zone to find service times.

Making Connections

If your move has taken you yonder from your friends, its time to make new personal connections. Here are some tips for developing a new social network.

Whats Your Mindset?

If youre an extrovert, making new friends might be easier. For many of us, however, getting out of our repletion zone takes increasingly effort. Maintain a positive vein and remind yourself that making friends takes time. Challenge yourself to take some social risks. It might be a slow process, and not everyone you contact wants to make a connection. Dont take it personally and alimony trying. Eventually, youll start to develop some satisfying social connections.

Your Peer Group

Connecting with people your age often is the easiest way to make friends. Moving into 55 communities has this component built in. If youre in an environment for all ages, squint for local activities and venues with people closer to your age.


Neighbors are often curious well-nigh newcomers. Take wholesomeness of this marvel by reaching out to introduce yourself. It takes no time at all, and you can provide a note with your name and write so its easier for both parties to follow up.

Dont Forget Old Friends

It’s a walkover to alimony in touch with your existing friends via telephone and social media. Keeping in touch with your existing connections can help surpassing your new social networks develop.

Use Social Media

Social media can help connect to people in your new community. Sites like Facebook Groups or can help you find people with similar interests.

Sign Up

Enrolling in classes or workshops is a terrific way to meet people with worldwide interests. Also, volunteering in the polity at schools, churches, homeless shelters, supplies pantries, political parties, or municipality projects is a way to connect with like-minded people.

Successfully moving to a new location later in life involves a lot of forethought and planning. Taking logical steps throughout the process can help reduce stress in a time of many changes. Other stress-reducing tips are to be patient and expect ups and downs. Maintaining this mental and emotional flexibility will go a long way toward making your move go smoothly.

Lets Have a Conversation:

What was the first box you unpacked without your most recent move? How did your life start in your new home and town? Which services and local shops did you squint for first?