Style Jeans for Women

It is undeniable that jeans are a genuine blessing to humanity, and they are here to remain with us eternally and ever and ever. Comfortable and extremely fashionable, jeans are adored by all. This is why they have witnessed significant transformation over time, and various varieties of denim have made their existence among us. From the slender jeans to the flared ones, from the parent jeans to the boyfriend ones, jeans have seen it all. Apart from the standard colors that are blue and black, a multiplicity of colors has been experimented on these trousers too. And the greatest aspect is that they are always amazing. So, considering the importance of jeans, today, we are going to acquaint you with the various varieties of jeans for women that are available. Now without further ado, go ahead and read the piece. Come on!

Different Types Of Jeans For Your Body Type

1. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans, as the name suggests, are skin clinging and suit you closely. They take the contour of your legs and trace it all along. If you have slender and attractive legs that you cannot wait to display, these are for you. Skinny jeans come in low, mid, and high rise waist styles, all of which are usually stretchable – which makes them twice as excellent. They also come in various designs like uncut hem or acid wash as well.

Suitable For – Women with an hourglass body shape, who are petite or anyone with slender legs can wear narrow jeans.Avoid – If you don’t like tight-fitting women’s trousers.

2. Skinny Crop

High Rise Cropped Skinny Jean

Slender crop jeans are very similar to the regular slender jeans, except they terminate above your ankles. Some of them come with a pleat that adds to the aesthetic. In terms of design and silhouette, there is not much difference between these and conventional slender jeans. Distressed, white, and black jeans in the narrow crop category are excellent jeans type for women.

Suitable For – Women with an hourglass body shape, those who are petite or anyone with slender legs can wear slimline or skinny crop jeans.Avoid – If you don’t like tight-fitting trousers.

3. Straight Leg Jeans

If you adore jeans that are fitting and embrace your body without being as tight as skinny jeans, we have the answer – straight-legged jeans. Trust me, they are a saving grace. They are in-between slender and boyfriend jeans or exaggerated styles. They make your legs appear lengthier than they are. These are excellent denim style for children and women equally.

Suitable For – Suit most body types because of the way they are designed.Avoid – If you prefer a more extreme fit.

4. Jeggings

Jeggings are essentially your leggings in denim fabric. So, you follow the same styling pattern with jeggings as well. Wear tops that are a little below your hip if you are conscious, but you can treat them just like your extremely slender trousers. Most women swear by them because they are incredibly comfortable and come with a waist band instead of the standard closures system. They are also a go-to for expectant women as they do not place strain on the abdomen but appear just as fashionable. These comfortable trousers give wide-leg cargo pants a run for their money! These are also excellent in winters for so many reasons – simple to wear with winter boots, and keep you toasty and comfortable. And, just like jeans, jeggings appear in a lot of hues and colors – so, keep to darker denim tones if you are apprehensive about your legs.

Suitable For – Suit all body types because they absorb your shape and suit well. Perfect trousers for expectant mothers.

5. Boot Cut

What was initially deemed mother jeans steadily became a popular preference among women of all age categories. However, the new bootcut jeans are more attenuated than the original boot cut designs, bearing in mind the millennial trends. These come with a wonderful fit till the knees and then imperceptibly expand out past your calf muscles. You also get these in cropped format, and they extend out a little above your shins.

Suitable For – Suit all body types because they absorb your body contour and fit well. Perfect for curvaceous women.

6. Flared Jeans

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These jeans initially began getting popular as a nineties fashion statement, and are now back with a flourish. While boot-cut jeans expand up steadily below the knees, this design extends out – literally. They lie in between boot cut and bell bottom jeans.

Suitable For – They appear best on tall and curvaceous women, those who are pear-shaped, and round body types.

Avoid – If you are petite and curvaceous and don’t want to emphasize that.

7. Low Rise Jeans

Low rise jeans struck us like a tsunami, before you realized what was going on, low rise jeans and brief shirts were trending, like, everywhere. They appear fantastic on women with a well-defined waist because they commence below the abdominal button. This style combines well with slender, linear and ultra slimline design patterns. Distressed and low rise, straight cut and low rise, and boyfriend jeans and low rise are all excellent alternatives.

Suitable For – Women who are diminutive, have an hourglass figure or inverted triangle body type.

Avoid – If you are curvaceous around the abdominal area or have muffin tops because they will create an unflattering protrusion and work against your body type.

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8. Boyfriend Jeans

People started calling these relationship trousers because they appear like they were borrowed from him. Quite literally! However, the fit began getting improved with time, and now, these are considered very fashionable. From runways to airport appearances, everyone is donning these. These give you a wonderful fit near your waist and pelvic area, and broaden a little bit as they progress down. Boyfriend jeans or boyfriend crop jeans are both excellent alternatives for curvy women.

Suitable For – Women who are voluptuous or have a pear or apple-shaped body type.

Avoid – If you’re diminutive or have short legs and are concerned about appearing shorter than you are.

9. Cigarette Jeans

Cigarette jeans are again very comparable to your slender jeans and come under the same category. However, they are not complete length and end a little above your shins. Just like cigarette style trousers, cigarette cut jeans have acquired popularity and are fashionable and elegant. Keep your denim shorts aside and select a decent pair of these trousers for a more fashionable appearance. These are skin clinging and compact, so best to avoid them if you have large thighs.

Suitable For – Women with an hourglass body shape, those who are petite or anyone with slender legs can wear cigarette jeans.

Avoid – If you are apprehensive about your quadriceps and prefer tighter-fitting denim.

10. Mom Jeans

How Mom Jeans Became Cool (Again) - The Atlantic

Mom jeans are a traditional cut for high-waisted denim that became more and more popular in the 1980s and 1990s. They are distinguished by their loose fit through the quadriceps and hips, frequently with straight or tapered legs and a high waist that rests above the belly button. Due to their relaxed fit and vintage design, these jeans have become popular again. They are versatile and appear well with a variety of ensembles and occasions.

Suitable For – Mom jeans can complement hourglass, pear-shaped, rectangular, and apple-shaped bodies since they attract attention to the midriff and work with many body types.

Avoid – If you fret that your short legs may make you appear shorter than you actually are.