8 Best And Easiest Ways To Shrink Jeans

Bring life into your old skinny jeans with these simple, easy-to-follow tips.

We all know how good a pair of jeans is boring . jeans are. They might be elastic, but they're not? Suddenly your waist doesn't feel so tight and your knees feel shriveled from sitting all day. Related?

But there is a solution to this. You can shrink your jeans. Yes, you read that right. Shrink jeans are the new trend. These jeans are much tighter than regular jeans and tighter than skinny jeans. The crotch area is higher at the waist and slimmers the legs, hips and butt. You're probably wondering how to shrink your jeans so they fit you perfectly. You just need some simple tips (we're talking punches). Check out these techniques in this article and never let jeans bother you again.

8 Best Ways to Shrink Jeans Easily

1. Use dry ice

Seal the jeans in a plastic bag, place them in another plastic bag, and tie them. Place it on a piece of dry ice and let it shrink for a few hours. But be careful as some fabrics may become stiff or damaged when the dry ice evaporates.

2. Use an iron

Wet any loose stains on your jeans with warm water. It could be the waist, the thighs or the knees. Turn the iron on cotton mode and iron it on the damp areas of the jeans. Be careful not to stay in the same area for too long. You can wear the jeans as soon as they are completely dry.

3. Get Into The Bath

Although it may seem a little uncomfortable, it works well. Fill the tub with warm water. Remember, no soap. Put on your jeans and get into the bathtub. Wait for the water to cool and pour it out. Remove excess water and leave to rest. You can also walk a little, but make sure your jeans are completely dry so they fit naturally to your body.

But if it's cold, you instead, you can hang your jeans outside after washing. Then let them dry for the rest of the day.

Danny, a YouTuber, shared his personal experience on how to shrink jeans using the bathtub method. Describing the method, he says: “The water is warm to warm, not hot enough to make sitting uncomfortable or even difficult to get into the water(s). Then he shares his satisfaction with the results and says, "I can feel the difference and you can probably see it too." »

4. Shrink the jeans with a spatula

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Fill the sink with warm water and soak the jeans. Once the jeans are wet, remove them and wring them out until they are damp. Next, beat the entire fabric with a wooden spatula/spoon for about ten minutes and repeat the operation on the other side. This method helps shrink the jeans, increasing friction in some areas.

5. Use the freezer method

Place your jeans in the freezer overnight and take them out the next morning. After a day or two, your pants will shrink and you can wear them. However, this method is not recommended for cotton clothing because the material becomes stiff and uncomfortable after drying.

6. Throw them in the dryer

This technique is simple. Put your stretch jeans in the washing machine and set them on high. When you're done, throw them in the dryer. Wait until they are completely dry. Your broken jeans would be ready to wear. However, be careful if your jeans are made with delicate fabrics: try to appropriately reduce the temperature of the washing machine.

7. Use the cooking method

Fill a large pot or saucepan with 70 degree water. Be careful, very hot water damages the fabric. Now turn the jeans over and leave them in the pan. Make sure the jeans are completely submerged. Since the water is hot, you can wring out the jeans with a spoon or ladle. Leave to act for approximately 20/30 minutes. Avoid adding fabric softener to jeans, as it softens and relaxes the fibers. Stir the water occasionally. You can then drain the water and dry the jeans.

8. Try line drying

If you want your jeans to shrink a bit, try the line drying method. Simply wash your jeans as normal and hang them on the clothesline instead of throwing them in the dryer. The air and the heat of the sun make them a little smaller. Keep in mind that not all jeans shrink the same and this method may not work for all types of jeans. So if you're looking for a little shrinkage, you might want to try thread drying! The good thing is that hanging clothes outside extends the life of your clothes by preventing wear and tear caused by dryers.

Each of these techniques works for different types of clothes.


Now you know exactly how to match your stretch jeans. However, if your clothes feel baggy despite these techniques, you should consult your local tailor for possible alterations. Because the tips mentioned here offer at best a temporary solution. Consulting a professional can provide you with a permanent solution and also prolong the life of your clothes.