The Holiday Gift Guide for Ladies

Are you trying to find the perfect souvenir for a lady in your life, be she a friend, family member, or romantic partner? The Gentleman’s Gazette is proud to offer its definitive holiday souvenir guide for ladies, thoughtfully curated to include a wide variety of gifts at several price points and inspired by the weightier savoir vivre of Archetype Style.

And, of course, there’s no reason that you can’t do a little shopping for yourself!

Interested in our men’s shopping guide?

Up to $100

Peter Pauper Press Notebooks ($10)

Peter Pauper Bookbound journal
Both Raphael and Teresa have used journals from Peter Pauper Press.

While we live in a digital world, for those moments when she needs to take a note, jot lanugo a thought, or express herself on the written page, provide her with a medium as unique and memorable as she is. Featuring dozens of trappy covers inspired by art, culture, and history, Peter Pauper Press carries an expansive line of journals and notebooks, starting at $10, that are sure to wilt her favorite new companion.

Journals are misogynist in three sizes!

Photo of a Lulu scented candle

scented candles by

Lulu ($20 )

These long-lasting soy candles come in a wide variety of fragrances, many of which are sure to suit her personality and personal spaces! We suggest Tuberose & Gardenia if you’re not sure what to get.

Colorful Montblanc Ink Bottles ($26)

Raphael refills his fountain pen’s signature untried ink
Raphael’s signature ink comes in deep forest untried from Montblanc.

Every time she signs her name, make it an originative exhibit with uniquely colored fountain pen ink! From modena red to toffee brown and amethyst purple to Irish green, ditching wearisome woebegone or undecorous ink will unlock a whole new world of writing opportunities so she really puts her stamp on every letter she writes.

Over a dozen colors are available!

Crane & Co. Stationery ($28)

Photo of stationary
Crane & Co. offers a wide variety of stationery supplies.

Whether writing a letter to a friend, sending out an RSVP, or dispatching “Thank You” cards, nothing compares to the Old World recreate of a handwritten note. Inspire her to do increasingly writing with this trappy hodgepodge of stationery from Crane & Co., misogynist as writing papers, envelopes, cards, and more.

Air Tags / Galaxy Tags / Tile Trackers ($30 )

Sven Raphaels Samsonite polycarbonate luggages
With a tracking tag tucked inside, you will unchangingly be worldly-wise to track lanugo your stray luggage.

Are you constantly losing little items like your keys, the remote, or a commonplace book? Or are you wrung that your airlines might lose your luggage? Consider a unpretentious but extremely helpful tracking tag that allows you to venery lanugo those lost items wherever they might be hiding. Consider Airtags for optimization with World products, Galaxy Tags for Android phone users, or Tile trackers for a generic option.

Photo of a Vintage perfume atomizer and bottle

Vintage Perfume Atomizers ($30 )

They don’t make many things like they used to, and perfume bottles and atomizers are a perfect example. Fortunately, thousands of trappy reversion fragrance containers are waiting to wilt her new favorite way to store her favorite perfume. Misogynist in surprising quantities in local thrift stores, you can moreover find an incredible variety of options at online vendition sites like eBay.

Styling Sephora Favorites Kit ($39)

You don’t have to know anything well-nigh makeup to get her exactly what she wants with this Styling Favorites Kit from Sephora. This eight-piece hodgepodge comes with sampler sizes of essential hairstyling products from amika, Olaplex, OUAI, and more: she’s sure to find her new favorite product in this collection!

Interested in increasingly makeup value sets?

Native Union Phone Case ($60)

Clic Wooden iPhone Case
Clic Wooden iPhone Case

Just considering a phone specimen is functional doesn’t midpoint that it has to be ugly. The phone cases from Native Union, including the Clic line full-length genuine wood, are beauties to behold that will alimony her phone protected while keeping it looking trappy as well.

Screenshot from Folio Society webpage Henry James Turn of the Screw

Folio Society Archetype Edition

Books ($60 )

For the defended reader, these handsomely unseat and illustrated editions of favorite novels could be the perfect gift! If she likes ghost stories, consider Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw.

Museum Membership ($60 )

Screenshot of the homepage of the Minneapolis Institute of Art
You can wilt a member of the Minneapolis Institute of Art for as little as $60. Museums in your zone likely offer similar rates!

For the woman of culture in your life, requite the souvenir of unique experiences and the arts this holiday season by surprising that special someone with a local art, history, or cultural museum membership. Whether for a connoisseur or a newbie, a museum membership is a souvenir that can be enjoyed the unshortened year. Our local art museum, the Minneapolis Institute of Art, offers starting memberships at just $60.

Roberto Ugolini Fragrance Sampler Set ($70)

Photo of the Roberto Ugolini sampler set
Finding your preferred fragrance is a snap with a sampler pack!

When fragrances are such a personal choice, how are you supposed to help her find the perfect option? With this sampler pack from Roberto Ugolini, you don’t need to choose! 11 incredible scents, inspired by the dolce vita of Italy, will be hers, and from these, she is sure to find several new favorites.

CHI Air Digital Touch Ceramic Hair Dryer

CHI Ceramic Hair Dryer ($70)

A high-quality hair dryer is something many women want, but few own. They know their stylist’s hair dryer does a far largest and faster job but haven’t made the upgrade yet. If the lady in your life relies on her hair dryer daily, this is a unconfined souvenir option for her.

Audible Annual Subscription ($96)

Screenshot of Well-marked website
Enjoy the convenience of listening to a minion typesetting on Audible.

From true treason podcasts to Edith Wharton novels, autobiographies well-nigh today’s celebrities or historical accounts, Audible is home to an expanding library of texts and programs that can be enjoyed at home, in the car, or wherever you finger like listening! Basic plans are misogynist for well-nigh $100 a year, although the premium levels offers wangle to an plane larger library of content.

$100 to $500

Annual Subscription to the Yardstick Channel ($100)

The Yardstick Waterworks web interface
Movie lovers will love a subscription to The Yardstick Channel!

Whether she likes fantasy or mucosa noir, classics or kitsch, she’s sure to find something to love on The Yardstick Channel. An incredible repository of foreign, art, and archetype films, The Yardstick Waterworks features thousands of films that will alimony the cinephile in your life rented until next Christmas!

Never worry well-nigh what to stream again!

Real Balsamic Vinegar

Genuine Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Italy by Villa Ronzan ($110)

When we say “real” balsamic vinegar, we don’t midpoint the kind you buy at the grocery store or plane on the shelves of your local Italian specialty store. Authentic balsamic vinegar is produced in a strictly regulated, time-intensive process delivering a D.O.P. stamp. One of our favorites is made by Villa Ronzan.

Manicure Set Travel Kit in Leather and Stainless Steel from Fort Belvedere

Fort Belvedere Travel

Manicure Set ($140)

You can’t put a price on wipe and neat nails, and this manicure makes self-care a pleasure!

Fort Belvedere Business Vellum Specimen ($150)

Close Up Business Vellum Cases with cards made by hand - Top Quality Aniline Leathers with Luxurious Goat Velour linings by Fort Belvedere
Business Vellum Cases made by hand – Top Quality Aniline Leathers with Luxurious Goat Velour linings by Fort Belvedere

Card cases are one of the few traps that aren’t gender-specific. The ones from Fort Belvedere are trappy no matter who carries them. Women often remark on this particular vellum case. If the woman in your life is business-focused, this is a unconfined stocking stuffer or souvenir this holiday season.

Available only from Fort Belvedere!

Fort Belvedere Lamb Nappa or Suede Gloves ($160 )

Fort Belvedere Gloves
Fort Belvedere gloves come in a wide variety of vibrant colors!

Available in size 7 and up, the trappy dress and driving gloves from Fort Belvedere will moreover fit the hands of most ladies. These elegant and fitted gloves are the perfect whatsit to alimony her warm while moreover keeping her tony and stylish.

Shun Premier 8″ Chef’s Knife ($200)

Shun Chefs Pocketknife in Damascus Steel from Japan
Shun Chefs Knife in Damascus Steel from Japan.

We’ve tested numerous chef knives. There are many we like, such as the Wustoff knives from Germany and the Evercut Furtif from France, but the one we like the most is the Shun 8” Premier chef’s pocketknife from Japan. It is lightweight, surgically sharp, easy to use, and well-appointed for most hands. What makes it an expressly stunning investment piece is how trappy it looks on the counter with the gorgeous visionless wood handle, its gold cap, and the layered Damascus cladding with a hammered tsuchime finish.

Scarves, like these from Fort Belvedere, are a perfect nomination for cashmere. They can be worn for decades, and are soft and warm on the neck.

Fort Belvedere

Cashmere Scarf ($215)

This exquisite cashmere scarf, misogynist in several colors, is one increasingly example of a Fort Belvedere product that ladies will enjoy just as much as the gents! This winter, forget the department store Pashmina that offers little protection and get her something equally trappy that will alimony her warm on those unprepossessed winter nights.

Find all of our Fort Belvedere scarves!

Spa Day ( $230)

Piece of Heaven in Cancun - Le Blanc Spa Resort
Whether at a fancy resort or a local spa, she is sure to love the souvenir of a spa day!

Show her your genuine appreciation with a day of rest and relaxation! Typesetting her a day-long session at the local spa or plan an unforgettable getaway where she can truly unwind and let it all go.

Roberto Ugolini Fragrances ($255 )

Photo of Roberto Ugolini hodgepodge on white shelf
Roberto Ugolini offers some of the finest fragrances currently on the market.

Give her the souvenir of an introduction into the rarefied world of luxurious niche fragrances with a trappy flacon from Roberto Ugolini. These unrenowned scents represent the pinnacle of olfactory excellence. With an expanding hodgepodge from which to choose, find your and her new favorite scent today.

For ladies, we recommend High Heel White, Kitten Heel, Marzocco, and Azzurro.

Not sure which fragrance to buy?

Photo of Persol PO3287S Phantos Sunglasses

Persol Phantos-Style Sunglasses ($307)

In elegant tortoise shell to flatter every coloring and an organic phantos shape that will suit most faces, this unique pair of sunglasses is sure to wilt her new favorite. Made by the iconic Italian trademark Persol, these sunglasses capture the spirit and vitality of Italy and waterworks the effortless style of la bella paese.

Weekend Staycation ( $300)

Photo of the 300 Clifton b and b
Historic 300 Clinton Bed and Breakfast in Minneapolis. [Image Credit: 300 Clinton]

You don’t have to get yonder to “get away!” Treat her to a luxurious staycation without needing a road trip or air journey by booking a fun weekend at a local bed and breakfast. Residing in splendor at a historic home will transform your little vacation into a magical retreat that you will both remember with pleasure.

Fort Belvedere Peccary Gloves, $315

Peccary Gloves Unlined in Chamois Yellow with Button from Fort Belvedere
Peccary gloves aren’t just for the fellows!

Peccary leather, on its own, is a rare, remarkable material – harvested from wild Peruvian animals, it is renowned for stuff both incredibly durable and soft. It’s one of the few glove leathers that will wilt increasingly trappy with wear. Since leather gloves are often in contact with snow and water, we decided to take peccary one step further. Introducing HydroPeccary: our peccary leather is specially finished in Germany to offer a water-resistant finish, the first of its kind. Finally, our gloves are handstitched by master craftsmen with quirks for uneaten flexibility and a soft Italian cashmere lining for warmth.

Available in over five archetype colors!

Pelikan M600 Fountain Pen in Bordeaux

Pelikan M600 Souveran Fountain Pen in Bordeaux ($415)

Pelikan is known for making some of the most elegant and well-respected fine writing instruments in the world. Most will recognize their hallmark striped fountain pens in untried and blue, but only the most serious collectors seem to be familiar with the Bordeaux version. This deep and enchanting red pen features Pelikan’s notable woebegone pinstripes. With a woebegone resin cap and gold prune and nib, this is one pen that will protract to fetch compliments from those you admire. The M600 Souveran is a mid-sized fountain pen perfect for most hand sizes. Not overly large, but not small either, it will fit hands in your jacket’s pen pocket, on your sedentary as a showpiece, or in your suitcase to serve you at the most important meetings of your life.

Season Tickets to a Cultural Event ($550 )

Screenshot of the Minnesota Opera homepage
The opera can be a wonderful wits for everyone, including opera fans and soon-to-be opera fans!

During the season of giving, consider a souvenir that can be used year-around: tickets to a recurring cultural event, like a season of plays, musicals, or operas. While season tickets are misogynist at many price points, for an unforgettable gift, why not splurge on prime orchestra or mezzanine seats? After all, who doesn’t love an excuse to get all dressed up?

Martina Vidal Bedsheets ($850)

Screenshot of Martina Vidal bed sheets
These Martina Vidal sheets are made from the world’s finest Sea Island Cotton. [Image Credit: Martina Vidal]

Made from unrenowned cotton sateen, these refined bedsheets are embroidered with designs inspired by Venice, the most romantic municipality in the world. Plane if you can’t take her to The Queen of the Adriatic, set sail for a good night’s sleep with these decadently trappy and wonderfully soft sheets and pillowcases.

Martin Vidal offers an unshortened range of bed linens!


We hope you’ve found something for every lady on your shopping list! If not, here is spare content that may help you on your holiday search!