Perfect Your Black Tie (Tuxedo) – Menswear Experts’ 11 Tips

Do you want to take your archetype tuxedo outfit to the next level? Do you want to add increasingly personality to your outfit? Do you want to highlight your style and truly stand out from the prod of the other Woebegone Tie wearers? Then you’ve come to the right place!

If you need a refresher on the nuts of woebegone tie and how to put together a archetype outfit, we got you covered in The Most Comprehensive Woebegone Tie Guide.

The Most Comprehensive Woebegone Tie Guide

1. Segregate Unusual Dinner Jackets

The first way to create an unusual tuxedo outfit is to transpiration up your dinner jacket. The jacket you wear will be the first thing people notice.

Preston in a sequined jacket

Be wary of how unusual you’ll go

Sequinned Jacket?

You can go all in and go as unvigilant as you can by choosing something like a peacock-colored sequinned jacket, but frankly, for me, that would be over the top. It’s important to select a jacket that doesn’t just suit your style but moreover the nature of the event.

Let’s say you go to a wedding; you don’t want to overshadow the bride and groom with your unvigilant tuxedo. So, an easy way to transpiration to a archetype single-button, peaked lapel jacket is to transpiration the sawed-off configuration or the lapel style. It’s popular with tuxedo rental companies to have a notched lapel, but never go that way, considering it’s too informal and doesn’t suit the nature of the garment. But you could go with a double-breasted dinner jacket. While most double-breasted suits have a 6×2 sawed-off configuration, in which you sawed-off two buttons, most tuxedos have a 4×1 configuration. So, only the bottom button is buttoned, which gives you a increasingly exposed shirt front, which is nice to highlight your tuxedo shirt style.

You can opt for a double breasted jacket.
You can opt for a double-breasted jacket.

If you want to stick with your single-breasted jacket, you could think well-nigh a link sawed-off closure, which moreover opens up that jacket a little increasingly and shows a little increasingly of your shirt front, or maybe you want to be plane increasingly subtle and just have your buttons covered in the same fabric as your silk lapels.

Rather than with your peaked lapels, you can moreover go with a shawl collar. There are slim shawl collars, there are wider ones, there are ones with a buttonhole so you can wear a boutonniere, and there are some that don’t have that. And yes, the shawl collar comes with single-breasted and double-breasted jackets.

Shawl collar on variegated tuxedo models.
Shawl collar on variegated tuxedo models.

If that’s not unbearable for you, you can moreover transpiration the verisimilitude of the jacket. The first volitional to the standard woebegone is midnight blue. Some people say it looks blacker than woebegone under strained light. In recent years, moreover lighter shades, such as navy, have wilt popular for evening wear. Really, it’s just a subtle style variation that’s towardly in all the places where a archetype Woebegone Tie would moreover be appropriate.

Any verisimilitude of tuxedo increasingly formal than any outfit these days.


Change Up The Jacket’s Color

If you prefer a bolder look, go with a bolder color, plane though traditionally, they were increasingly associated with summer Woebegone Tie. Frankly, though, these days, if you wear a Woebegone Tie outfit, you are increasingly formal than 99.99% of people out there, plane if you go with a bold-colored dinner jacket. I think undecorous dinner jackets, brown, purple, snifter green, burgundy, or rust are fantastic colors that are just fun to wear, expressly if you once have your nuts covered. Really, the sky is the limit.

The bolder the color, the increasingly it’ll stand out. A true archetype is the off-white or ivory dinner jacket, which I particularly like to wear during the warmer months of the year or on a cruise. And no, I don’t midpoint the blinding plain white dinner jackets you can get at the tuxedo rental shop. I midpoint a genuinely off-white color. Whether you wear them peaked with a shawl collar, they have an incredible pedigree rooted in archetype men’s fashion. Also, the neutral off-white verisimilitude provides a canvas for maybe flipside colorful whatsit in your outfit, such as a colorful vase or a pocket square.

Ultimately, Woebegone Tie typically looks so good considering the verisimilitude palette is reduced. You have elements of black, white, off-white, and maybe one other color. If you overdo it, it doesn’t quite squint like a tuxedo anymore. If you’re interested in learning increasingly well-nigh non-traditional dinner jackets, we have a increasingly in-depth section in our Woebegone Tie Guide on the website.

Non-Traditional Dinner Jacket Guide

I have to mention a very classic, unvigilant verisimilitude for a dinner jacket: scarlet red, which was traditionally associated with hunting evening wear. You definitely need some conviction to wear it, but the last time I visited the vintage store Rudolf Beaufays in Hamburg and made a video well-nigh that, I found this really nice three-piece dinner ensemble in scarlet red. Unfortunately, it was too small for me, but fortunately, Preston can wear it.

Preston in a scarlet red mess jacket.
Preston in a scarlet red mess jacket.

If you want something like that, it’s going to be really nonflexible to find it. So, you’re largest off going custom so you can get exactly the color, details, and shapes you want.

Apart from the tuxedo jacket color, you can moreover play with the texture of the fabric, as well as the patterns. Most traditional tuxedos are tailored from a plain weave or barathea weave fabric. If you live in a hot climate maybe a upper twist fresco may be interesting; not only will it have a variegated structure, and maybe a bit increasingly verisimilitude depth, but it will moreover wear a lot cooler. I think during the winter months, velvet is an uncommonly nice material, but I’ve moreover seen people have things like a corduroy dinner jacket, or maybe a jacquard woven silk material that has a really intricate pattern.

No matter what type of fabric you choose, alimony in mind how you’re going to wear it. If you’re going to flit a lot all night, having a super heavy warm fabric will just make you sweat a lot.

If the dress lawmaking invitation says “Creative Woebegone Tie,” of course, you can plane think bolder and experiment plane more. I think tartan dinner jackets are archetype yet highly unusual. Yes, it can be something like a woebegone watch tartan, but moreover something like red and blue, for example. Off the rack, I pretty much can only think of Ralph Lauren, expressly their Purple Label line, where they have bold, unusual dinner jacket options. But fear not, most made-to-measure companies have all the things you would want for an unusual dinner jacket these days.

Ralph Lauren Purple Label: What to Buy & Avoid (Review)

Personally, I think flipside tomfool option is to have some increasingly reflective or scrutinizingly metallic effect in your fabric, so it has this changeant element, so as you move, the fabric looks different, depending on how the light shines on it. Flipside unconfined archetype is dupioni silk. It’s rather shiny, but it has these usual unstudied knobs that come from the irregular thickness of the silk yarn. It moreover has this trappy changeant effect and typically has one darker verisimilitude and one lighter.

If all these jacket options don’t cut it for you, maybe turn when the clock and go with a vintage-inspired Woebegone Tie outfit in the form of a mess jacket.

Vintage Mess Jackets


Mess Jacket for Woebegone Tie

A mess jacket is cut like a tailcoat, soul coat, or morning coat, so the lines in the when are different. They sometimes have buttons in the when as well, and it comes to a point in the middle. It moreover doesn’t sawed-off in the front and looks like a tailcoat without the tail. Truly, this is a squint that’s very 1930s or maybe something that has a nautical or military vibe, considering that’s typically the only place where you can see them these days.

If you wanted to be increasingly relaxed, you could think well-nigh getting a traditional smoking jacket; something that you would wear over your other gown when you’d go to smoke in the smoking lounge afterwards, and that’s typically made of velvet. It’s heavy, it can have a quilted lapel, it can have turn-ups and cuffs, and it’s usually cut a little increasingly roomy considering it would traditionally go over something, it’s cut a little longer, and it has a increasingly homey feel, but considering they’re made of velvet typically.

Raphael in a smoking jacket.
Raphael in a smoking jacket.

I like wearing a smoking jacket when I entertain at home and I still want to be elegant. Sometimes, I don’t wear it with a bow tie, but just with an ascot, just depending on how I feel.

Maybe you love the dinner jacket you have, and you don’t want to transpiration it–how well-nigh waffly your pants?

2. Transpiration The Bottoms

No matter what jacket option you choose, what verisimilitude and texture, most men opt for a pair of woebegone or midnight undecorous pair of trousers with a single galon stripe on the side that indicates that it is a tuxedo trouser, and it doesn’t have cuffs or turnups but plain hems.

Tuxedo Pants
Tuxedo Pants

I think it can squint really sharp if the hems are wilted a little bit so the pants really hit the when of your shoe, but you still see unbearable of maybe your opera pumps and your evening socks or your shoelaces, expressly if you segregate evening shoelaces. Evening shoelaces? Well, if you’re hearing well-nigh this for the first time, trammels out our selection on our website.

A few years back, Ralph Lauren did a really unconfined ad well-nigh the archetype Harrison trousers where someone wore a woebegone dinner jacket with a pair of tartan trousers, and it looked awesome. Yes, there are plane men who wear a matching tartan dinner jacket and pants, but that’s much increasingly unusual. Given the often increasingly formal nature of Woebegone Tie, I personally would either go with a variegated verisimilitude jacket or a variegated colored or patterned pair of pants; not both. Why? Well, I find it’s too unvigilant otherwise.

But if you’re not wrung of the bold, maybe you want to go with a mess jacket and a tartan kilt. This is a combination that is rooted in Scottish heritage. It was moreover traditionally used in Irish and Welsh cultures.

Let’s say you don’t want to upgrade your tuxedo considering you finger you don’t get unbearable wear out of it anyway; there’s still stuff you can do, expressly with accessories.

3. Trappy Boutonnieres

While most men will have a pocket square, typically a white one that matches the verisimilitude of their shirt, you could think well-nigh a lapel flower, moreover known as a boutonniere, expressly in a contrasting color; in a archetype red, a vase will immediately pop on your tuxedo. It will immediately add personality and recreate to your overall look. Archetype options include a little spray roses or carnations.



A Wide Range of Colors

The typical verisimilitude ranges were white and various shades of red and burgundy, but frankly, the sky is the limit. Stake yellows, pinks, purples, or combinations thereof are all acceptable. I mean, plane untried carnations can squint very sophisticated. Typically, solid-colored flower boutonnieres work largest than multicolored ones, but I’ll leave the nomination up to you.

Now, where can you get a boutonniere? Traditionally, florists would be worldly-wise to make them. Unfortunately, these days, in most places, if you want a real boutonniere, it is quite an undertaking and by the time you have it, you have to quickly wear it. Otherwise, the petals will start to wilt, and it will squint really sad. Also, real flowers can stain your garments.

Years back, when I was on a cruise, and I wasn’t worldly-wise to find the boutonnieres I wanted, I decided to diamond my own, made of silk and velvet, so I had something that I could travel with, that would never wilt, and that was misogynist all day, every day. If you want to icon out if a real or a silk vase is largest for you, trammels out our other guide on that subject.

Real vs. Fake: Which Vase Flower is Increasingly Stylish?

If you want to take a squint at our selection of a hundred variegated flower choices, in variegated sizes and colors, throne over to our shop. Obviously, I’m biased, and I love our silk boutonniere. But, every once in a while, if I find a nice flower, I’ll still pick a real one.

4. Plentiful Pocket Squares

Another option to upgrade your Woebegone Tie outfit is with a colorful pocket square other than white. It’s easiest to do with solid-colored patterns in maybe silk, such as red or purple, but untried or undecorous will work as well. Just make sure there’s unbearable contrast. A navy pocket square on a woebegone preliminaries just is not going to cut it.

You can segregate colored pocket squares for Woebegone Tie--not just white!
You can segregate colored pocket squares for Woebegone Tie–not just white!

If you want to, you can go with two tones. There can be a subtle pattern in the pocket square; or let’s say you are into gambling, you could get a pocket square with the four suites on them, embroidered in variegated colors. The wiring is still white, but it’s not the plain old white pocket square.

Personally, I sometimes like to incorporate purple into my pocket squares. I moreover like the silk material considering it’s a bit increasingly reflective than, let’s say, a linen pocket square. Remember, how you fold a pocket square will moreover impact the way it looks. To learn our favorite folds for pocket squares and how to unzip them step-by-step, trammels out our other guide.

How to Fold a Pocket Square – 8 Stylish Folds for Gentlemen

5. Match Your Materials

A really unusual way to upgrade your woebegone tie outfit is by choosing variegated contrasting materials. What do I midpoint by that? In a traditional tuxedo, the lapels are typically faced in a variegated material than the rest of the garment. You have the galon on the side and sometimes cuffs or turn-ups. That unrelatedness of fabric creates visual interest. Also, you have things like your bow tie, maybe your cummerbund, or your shoelaces that have a variegated material than your wiring fabric.

Silk is typically the contrasting material in Woebegone Tie


Silk Satin

In 99.99% of the cases, the contrasting material used in Woebegone Tie is made out of satin, which is a unrepealable kind of weave of a fabric that reflects the light in a unrepealable way. There are variegated types of satins. There are ones that unzip the shine with weft, ones with warp, and there are differences in quality. How are they different? Typically, the cheaper satin has a very unusual shine, and you can finger it moreover when you touch it. The cheaper ones are just not as graduated and elegant.

Alternatively, you can have a grosgrain, which is basically little ridges; or a wider grosgrain, which is wider ridges; or you can have a barathea facing; or a silk moire facing, which makes it squint like it’s silk that was watered.

Very few retailers scarecrow to stock anything other than satin bow ties and traps such as cummerbunds, but at Fort Belvedere, we love Woebegone Tie and we love waffly our outfits and stuff unique. Considering of that, we offer a wide range of variegated materials for cummerbunds, for our bow ties, and for our shoelaces, so you can truly stand out from the prod without stuff overly bold.

If you go custom with your dinner jacket, just think well-nigh the variegated materials you could add and how that could hoist your tuxedo jacket from the rest that anyone else will have, which is typically satin.

6. Vastitude the Vital Butterfly

The sixth thing you can transpiration to hoist your outfit is to transpiration the bow tie shape. Without all, the unshortened dress lawmaking is named without the bow tie: Woebegone Tie and that’s what most people wear. But, plane if you want to stick with your woebegone bow tie, you don’t have to stick to one particular shape.

You can segregate a variegated colored bow tie--not just the vital black!
You can segregate a variegated colored bow tie–not just the vital black!

Of course, you can moreover segregate a variegated color, and yes, a burgundy bow tie is technically not woebegone anymore, but it’s still wonted for the woebegone tie dress lawmaking if the rest is in a very harmonious woebegone and white look. Again, don’t transpiration too many things considering that will water lanugo the effect of Woebegone Tie.

In terms of shapes, the most archetype shape is probably the butterfly bow tie. It comes in variegated sizes, and it’s a very unscratched and correct option. If you got that covered or you want something different, you can go with a batwing bow tie, which is a slimmer style; or maybe a diamond bow tie, which has pointed ends. The vast majority of all bow ties have two ends that squint the same, particularly for evening wear.

The idea came up of a single-end bow tie, where you just have one layer of the bow tie shape, which can squint very elegant. And if you want a rich selection of bow ties, you can find them all in our shop. Most importantly, all of our evening bow ties come in stock-still sizes, so if you want to unshut up your bow tie at the end of the day or if you want to wear it with a detachable collar so everyone can see that it’s a sized bow tie, this will squint really elegant.

Fort Skidway Bow Ties

For a increasingly vintage look, you can moreover go with a continental tie, which is tacked under your collar. Personally, I’m not a big fan of that. I much prefer the 1920s and 1930s bow tie styles, which were often a little smaller than what you can find today. But, depending on your squatter shape, a larger bow tie may moreover be increasingly flattering.

We have an unshortened guide that helps you how to find the right woebegone bow tie for your squatter shape and ensemble, and you can trammels it out. And no, you don’t need a continental bow tie to tuck it under your collar. Some people moreover did it with regular bow ties, something that was washed-up in the 1900s and then became popular for a unenduring period in the 1960s again.

7. Step Up Your Shoes & Socks

The seventh way to really enhance your woebegone tie outfit is to step up your shoes and your feet accessories. Too often, lackluster shoes will stilt lanugo the unshortened Woebegone Tie outfit. And I get it, you might say, “Well, I once have these woebegone cap-toe Oxfords. Why not wear them with my tuxedo?” And it’s okay if you mirror-polish them. There’s nothing wrong with it, but if you really want to step it up, you probably have to get a defended pair of evening shoes.

First, it can be a pair of patent leather Oxford without a toe cap. Having the toe cap makes it less elegant, so you can moreover go with a whole cut, for example, or you can segregate opera pumps.

Opera Pumps
Opera Pumps

No, I’m not talking well-nigh loafers, but opera pumps, which are cut much deeper. Most shoe manufacturers don’t know the difference, and they will sell you patent leather loafers, basically, but they don’t show as much of your socks, and they’re not the right choice.

While most men will never own a pair of black, patent leather opera pumps, some plane have boldly patterned, velvet ones. Sometimes, you moreover see people wear the traditional Albert slipper in a velvet fabric or leather with their evening outfit.

If you once have a laced pair of shoes, whether it’s a plain derby, a pair of Oxfords, or maybe a patent leather pair, you can still transpiration the shoelaces and maybe get a pair of satin shoelaces if you have a satin bow tie, or grosgrain shoelaces if you have a grosgrain bow tie. It will just hoist the squint and make it all harmonious.

Another really fun way to stand up from the prod is to not just go with black, silk, evening socks, but variegated colors. For example, a snifter green, maybe a blue, maybe burgundy, they’re all really fun colors. Let’s say you’re not a fan of silk socks. You can moreover get maybe fine cotton socks in a stripe, but they have to be made with a really fine machine so they don’t squint like they’re heavy winter socks.

Personally, I like two-tone socks considering they add a tomfool sparkle to an evening outfit. It can moreover be fun to match the verisimilitude of your socks to flipside element in your outfit; whether it’s your bow tie, your jacket, your pocket square, or your boot, it creates a resulting outfit and look, tying it all together, while still providing the unrelatedness between your trousers and your shoes.

I scrutinizingly forgot to say, you unchangingly want over-the-calf socks. Showing your hairy legs at a Woebegone Tie function is a no-no.

8. Swap Out Your Shirt

One thing that you typically don’t transpiration when it comes to an wide Woebegone Tie outfit is the tuxedo shirt. Most people will wear white tuxedo shirts. Traditionally, you have one with a turn-down collar and French cuffs considering they were designed to be a softer, increasingly well-appointed volitional to the stiff, detachable collar on front-pleated shirts that you’d wear with White Tie. Some men like to get that stiffer White Tie shirt with a detachable collar to get increasingly of a vintage feel.

Purple Tuxedo Shirt

Other verisimilitude OPTIONS

You Can Wear Non-White!

Every once in a while, you’ll moreover come wideness an evening shirt that’s specifically made as an evening shirt with studs for a tuxedo that is non-white. I picked one up from Eton, for example, that has this oversized Prince-of-Wales-inspired pattern in purple. Frankly, I don’t wear it often considering it’s very difficult to pull off. Maybe I like the squint with an ivory dinner jacket. I think it’s a bit too visionless for a regular tuxedo jacket.

Whatever it is that you do, try to alimony it a simple, solid white. It’s really unconfined to highlight it for melody.

9. Outstanding Outerwear

The ninth way to upgrade your Woebegone Tie outfit is to go vastitude the tuxedo itself, but squint at the outerwear and the accessories; your overcoat, your gloves, your hats, your scarves, and so forth; not only are these the icing on the cake, but it can moreover be very functional during the colder months of the year when, traditionally, you wear Woebegone Tie increasingly often.

Unfortunately, true evening overcoats have fallen out of favor, so you can’t get them off-the-rack. It’s something you truly have to make custom or bespoke. Employing my secrets to vintage shopping, which you can learn increasingly well-nigh here, I found a vintage overcoat secondhand on eBay, and I love wearing it for Woebegone Tie functions.

Vintage Menswear: 25 Tips & Tricks for Thrift Store Shopping

How is an evening overcoat variegated from a regular one? Well, they have silk-faced lapels and, often, they just have one single button. You could moreover have a cape, and if you want to learn increasingly well-nigh that, trammels out the in-depth section in our Woebegone Tie guide.

It’s a lot easier to find accessories, such as gloves or a scarf, that you can wear with your tuxedo, plane without an overcoat. If you don’t want to invest in an evening overcoat, I’d suggest you go with something in black, midnight blue, or maybe navy, and that will do the job as well. In that specimen though, opt for those specific evening scarves and white gloves. It will really make a difference in the way you look.

During the summer months, Preston often wears a boater hat with his off-white dinner jacket; or you can go with a traditional Homburg hat. Considering most people don’t wear hats these days anymore, plane a woebegone Homburg hat will really make you stand out from the crowd.

Yes, I know sometimes you see top hats stuff worn with Woebegone Tie ensembles, but historically, the long top hat was worn with a long tail coat; never with a tail-less tuxedo. Again, though, if you finger like it in this day and age, no one will say, “Oh, my God! What you wear is wrong,” considering they have no track well-nigh how things were worn traditionally.

Top hats are worn with long tailcoats.
Top hats are traditionally worn with long tailcoats.

Looking at old-fashioned illustrations, you can plane see people wear pith helmets with their Woebegone Tie ensembles. I’d say, only do that if you’re truly in the tropical jungle, where this makes sense.

10. Seasonal Sensations

The tenth way to transpiration up your Woebegone Tie outfits is to consider seasonality. So, if you once have your Woebegone Tie outfit where you live, it might work really well there, but maybe you go into a climate that is very different, either it’s very unprepossessed or very hot, you might think of getting something that is increasingly suited for that environment.

That way, no matter where you go, you’ll unchangingly have a Woebegone Tie ensemble that will work for you. I mean, increasingly Woebegone Tie options will make you squint cool, while moreover feeling cool.

Green and red cummerbund

Change up the verisimilitude scheme

Red & Untried Cummerbund

You may want to add increasingly of a whimsical element with verisimilitude tones of untried and red during the Holly Jolly season; transpiration up the verisimilitude scheme of your cummerbund.

Traditionally, you could moreover wear a waistcoat and transpiration up the verisimilitude of your waistcoat and go with something in scarlet red, or maybe a stake untried can be a really tomfool way to transpiration the look. For example, for warm-season Woebegone Tie, I’d skip the waistcoast and go with a cummerbund, versus in the potation months of the year, a vest may be platonic to alimony you warmer, expressly if you don’t of an evening overcoat.

11. Fitting Fragrances

Finally, last but not least, to expertly craft a Woebegone Tie ensemble that satisfies all the senses, think well-nigh your fragrances. Yes, just like accessories, fragrances have formalities, too. Some things make you want to go to the waterfront straight away, while others are increasingly opulent and really well-suited for your velvet dinner jacket, for example.

Fragrances have formalities, too!
Fragrances have formalities, too!

Typically, formal evening fragrances will come from the woody, spicy, leathery, or tobacco-scent families. What you’re looking for is a ramified melody of notes that will transpiration throughout the evening. So, maybe if you see someone at the whence of the evening, you will smell somewhat variegated than later in the evening, which will automatically be interesting. So, if I want to exude the timeless elegance of the Golden Age of Menswear in 1930s and 1920s, I go with the Roberto Ugolini Oxford scent.

If I want something that’s a bit increasingly unusual that goes well with velvet, I go with a 17 Rosso or the Diciassette Rosso. If I finger like I want to exude some elevated dignity, I go with Upper Heel White, which, despite its name, is a unisex fragrance that has elements of vanilla, and it’s a fantastic scent for men in the evening. If you want to add romantic opulence to the evening, I go with the Quattro Rosso scent.

Roberto Ugolini Fragrances

Another tomfool option is probably Green Irish Tweed, and despite tweed stuff normally not something that you wear with a tuxedo, I think it is a good scent for Woebegone Tie ensembles.

I’m super curious: how do you upgrade your Woebegone Tie outfits? Please share with us in the comments or send us your pictures at or tag us on Instagram with @gentlemansgazette.

Outfit Rundown

Today, I’m, of course, wearing a increasingly unusual Woebegone Tie outfit. It consists of a dinner jacket that is double-breasted with a 4×1 sawed-off configuration and a shawl collar. Plane though it was custom-made, unfortunately, the collar was slimmer than I had it intended to be. It has nice turn-ups. It has visionless mother-of-pearl buttons, and a tomfool turquoise lining. No, most people will never get to see it, except maybe they see it a bit on the underside of my turnup cuffs. I’m combining it with a pair of midnight undecorous tuxedo trousers that are part of a variegated tuxedo. And yes, it doesn’t have the plain satin galon, but it has a grosgrain galon that is striped horizontally, which is quite elegant and different.

Raphael in an elevated Woebegone Tie outfit.
Raphael in an elevated Woebegone Tie outfit.
Platinum Evening Shirt Studs with Monkey Fist Knots in Sterling Silver by Fort Belvedere

Fort Belvedere

Platinum Shirt Studs Monkey Fist Sterling Silver 925

Monkey Fist Knot Cufflinks in Platinum Plated Sterling Silver by Fort Belvedere

Fort Belvedere

Monkey Fist Knot Cufflinks – 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Plated

Finest Socks In The World - Over The Calf in Burgundy Silk

Fort Belvedere

Finest Socks In The World – Over The Calf in Burgundy Silk

Pocket Square with Monogram Initial Archetype White Irish Linen

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Pocket Square with Monogram Initial Archetype White Irish Linen

Red Carnation Vase Life Size Lapel Flower

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Red Carnation Vase Life Size Lapel Flower

Single End Silk Velvet Bow Tie In Woebegone - Fort Belvedere

Fort Belvedere

Single End Silk Velvet Bow Tie In Black

Photo of Roberto Ugolini 4 Rosso Snifter and Box

Roberto Ugolini

4 Rosso

My evening shirt is from Eton, and it has an inserted bib with a very fine patterned weave, and not the typical pleated shirt. My shirt studs and cufflinks are from Ford Belvedere. They’re matching and monkey’s fist knot cufflinks. They’re in silver, which works well with my silver Reverso watch from Jaeger-LeCoultre, and this is an original Reverso with an old woebegone and white dial that is perfect for evening wear. It moreover works well with my silver ring, which is a carnelian stone, which picks up the burgundy verisimilitude of my jacket.

My socks are burgundy silk socks from Ford Skidway that pick up the verisimilitude of the jacket, make it all harmonious, and my shoes are prototypes for Ford Belvedere. They’re patent leather opera pumps with a satin bow. Also, my pocket square is just a white linen pocket square, and I intentionally kept it simple with a TV fold, considering I once had so many other visual accents, such as my rose boutonniere, which is made with a velvet fabric in red, but it still provides unbearable unrelatedness to the jacket, and then I have this woebegone velvet single-end bow tie from Fort Belvedere, which is moreover highly unusual but works with the dress lawmaking and my jacket.

The scent I chose for this outfit was the Quattro Rosso from Roberto Ugolini considering I like the scent, and of course, the verisimilitude of the snifter moreover works well with it.