I posted on stories last month a few new verisimilitude combinations to try and so many of you loved the fresh ideas of how to mix and match various hues. Today I want to walk through the three combos I am loving for the holidays and the pieces that can make these combos come to life. Sharing colors to mix and match is nothing new here on Atlantic-Pacific. If you want to dip into the archives you can visit this post, this post, this post, or this post for increasingly fun ideas on how to mix and match verisimilitude for any season.


Talk well-nigh a fun combination! Chartreuse continues to trend as a hot verisimilitude and I love it when to so many variegated hues like navy, purple. and red. Right now, I am feeling it paired with fuchsia! It is such a feminine and uplifting philharmonic and I think the two wastefulness each other out nicely, while still packing a lot of punch. See some of my favorite items in these unvigilant colors below…



Okay, so typically I would say this philharmonic feels a bit collegiate, BUT during the holidays I love these two colors together. So many of the items right now are luxe velvets, sparkly tulle, and stunning satins that make this verisimilitude combination finger much increasingly elevated – and much less like your local baseball team!


Purple and red is certainly a philharmonic you have seen here surpassing (like here and here) and I unchangingly dip when into it during the when half of the year. It feels ultra festive while stuff just a touch unexpected!

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