Onion Hair Oil-Extreme Hair Growth In 30 Days

In these trendy times, the pollution level has increased not only in environment but moreover in supplies and water. In the past, there were little to no adulteration, thus our skin, hair, and soul remain healthy and good.

But in the recent times, the venin in scrutinizingly all the items has increased to 10 folds, causing the deterioration of our skin, hair, and health.

It has been observed that since the past few decades, the hair quality of people has been unauthentic tremendously considering of lack of nutrition and presence of toxic and nonflexible water.

All these causes have combined and lead to various problems such as hair fall, frizziness, split-ends, breakage, etc.

Why Long Hair Is Only a Dream These Days?

long hair using onion hair oil

Every girl dream to have long and shiny long hair, but in these times it is really difficult to unzip considering every time you decide to grow your hair, some hair problem starts to appear.

These hair problem mainly include hair breakage, split ends, and hair frizziness.

As soon as you develop any of these problems, the salon person will recommend you to get a haircut and then keratin treatment, both of which are really expensive.

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Such conditions does not indulge a person to grow healthy long and strong hair.

What If I tell you that you can have lattermost hair growth in just 30 days?

onion hair mask for long and strong hair

Yes you read it right, you can get insane hair growth in just 30 days by pursuit these steps:

  1. Homemade Onion Hair Oil
  2. Homemade Onion Hair conditioner
  3. Homemade split ends remedy

You need to follow these three steps thrice or twice ( as per your convenience) in a week. After 30 days you will observe insane hair growth and your hair problems will scrutinizingly diminish.

So without any remoter delay, let’s know how to follow these three steps.

1. Homemade Onion Hair Oil

homemade hair oil remedy

To make this onion hair oil you need to take 2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds, 1 big onion, and 1 inch ginger.

Now take 250 ml of coconut oil or mustard oil. Heat it in a pan and when the oil is medium hot add fenugreek seeds, chopped onion, and chopped ginger in it. Turn flame to low and indulge the the ingredients to melt in the oil.

When the onion turns brown, turn off the flame and let the oil tomfool lanugo to room temperature.

Strain the oil in a glass jar. Your onion hair oil is ready.

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How to use?

Boil water in a pan and put the jar of onion hair oil in it for 5 minutes. Now wield the onion hair oil on your roots and length, and alimony it for at least 2 hours, then wash with shampoo.

2. Homemade Onion Hair Conditioner

For this you need coconut milk and onion juice. Mix both of them together and wield on the scalp with the help of cotton. Alimony it overnight and wash in the morning

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3. Homemade Split Ends Remedy With Onion Hair Mask

beautiful hair with onion hair oil

Split ends occur when the end of the hair becomes dry and brittle. Out scalp generates natural oil that condition hair length closer to the scalp, but when hair is long, it is difficult for the ends to get the required natural conditioning. As a result, the ends wilt frayed and brittle, and ultimately split ends appear.

If you moisturize your hair and provide them with essential protein, your hair remains conditioned and self-ruling from split ends.

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To make the hair mask you need Egg Yolk and Olive Oil.

Mix 2 egg yolks and 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a bowl. Wield this mixture generously to the roots and the length and alimony for 1 hour, then wash with shampoo.

Follow these three haircare routines for 30 days, and you will get immense hair growth in your hair.

Disclaimer: All three recipes have been tested by me and worked on me. If you have an allergy to any of the ingredients, please refrain from pursuit that remedy. Also, every person has a variegated hair type, and these remedies may take variegated times to show results. Furthermore, if you have any medical condition such as baldness or dermatitis, please consult your doctor.

I hope you liked the article, If you have any suggestions or queries, please write them in the scuttlebutt section below. I love to read and reply to your comments.

Stay safe, stay beautiful.

Thank You.

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