7 Reasons I’d Never Buy a Rolex (and 1 That I Might) – Watch Buying Advice for Gentlemen

In the world of luxury watches, A Rolex tops the wish list of many men, but you might be surprised that personally, plane though I revere the history of the visitor and what they’ve washed-up with it, I’m not one of those men. So what are the seven reasons that a Rolex won’t be a new watch on my nightstand?

Hear Why I Wouldn’t Buy a Rolex in This Video

In truth, there are many reasons why I wouldn’t segregate to buy a brand-new Rolex – specifically, seven. At the same time, I can think of one specific circumstance in which a Rolex might be right for me. Curious as to my reasoning? Read on to find out.

1. Rolex Charges for Quality AND “Brand Name” Status

Am I Just Paying For The Rolex Name?

The Rolex “brand” is too much of what I would be paying for with a given watch. Similarly, the value that used Rolex watches yield in the marketplace is mostly related to supply and demand, not considering the watches are inherently superior to their competitors. Now, don’t get me wrong! Rolex makes good watches; they’re robust, they don’t need much maintenance, and they hold their value if you get the right model. But a Rolex is no increasingly reliable, no increasingly technologically interesting, and no increasingly well-appointed than other luxury watch brands on the market (that can forfeit a lot less).

The Rolex Cosmograph
The Rolex Cosmograph

Look At The Watch, Not The Trademark Name

By searching virtually on the internet and taking a closer squint at the retail price minutiae of Rolex watches, you can unmistakably see that it far outpaces the rate of inflation. However, if you squint at the product itself, it remains virtually the same, with only very slight changes mechanically. In other words, you’re paying twice as much not considering the product has improved, but simply considering the trademark is increasingly valuable now.

Raphael in cufflink matching his Rolex

Is It Worth It?

In our “Is It Worth It?” video on Rolex watches, we discuss the pros and cons of ownership and owning a Rolex timepiece. Do our views uncurl with yours on this luxury watch brand, and will you be subtracting a new Rolex to your watch collection?

2. Rolex Watches are a Mass-Market Product, Not Necessarily Artisanal

Simply Put, Rolex Watches Are NOT Unique

When I have to make a nomination between a good mass-market product and a good artisanal product, I segregate the artisanal product 99% of the time. A luxury timepiece becomes luxurious considering it is somewhat unique and limited. While there are variegated models of Rolex on the market, to the stereotype onlooker they all squint very similar, regardless of age.

Rolex Datejust, Date, Submariner, GMT Master
Rolex Datejust, Date, Submariner, GMT Master

Rolex does this by design, as they want their products to be instantly recognizable – so one Oyster Perpetual will squint very similar to another, the overall diamond of the Submariner is largely unchanged, and many Rolex Daytona timepieces have very similar styling. So, if it’s instantly recognizable that everyone has a Rolex, it’s not a luxury product anymore. I’d say my style is very variegated from most other men, so why shouldn’t I moreover have a wristwatch that is variegated from other men?

Is A Rolex Really That Special?

Rolex produces eight hundred thousand watches a year, most of which squint largely the same. On top of that, squint at all the fakes that are out there in the marketplace–you’ll realize that Rolexes are a mass-market product with millions of watches that all squint very, very similar to one another. Personally, I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars just to have something that is basically what everyone else out there has as well. So plane though Rolexes are the xerox of a “nice watch,” I don’t want to spend that kind of money just to “keep up with the Joneses” and have the same watch.

3. Ownership a Vintage Rolex is Not Without Challenges

Vintage goods are unconfined to have, but vintage Rolexes can be very tricky–because there are so many fakes out there. I’m a big fan of vintage items for many reasons; one of them is that just by nature, they’re often unique items considering they’re no longer produced. The original items may have been worn out or destroyed, so what’s left is naturally a “limited edition.” Also, until the late 20th century, things were often made to last–whereas today, things are designed to unravel three days without the warranty expires. Considering of those reasons, I still buy a lot of things vintage, plane though I can sire to buy new.

Vintage Rolex chronograph
Vintage Rolex chronograph [Image Credit: Rubberb.com]

Seeking Value in Vintage

Surprise! I finger the same way well-nigh watches. I have only a few, and most of them are vintage. As an example, squint at the Reverso from Jaeger LeCoultre; it’s much smaller than most watches are today, yet I find it lulu on my wrist. I can wear it casually considering its heritage is as a polo watch, hence its flippable case. At the same time, it has a woebegone dial, so I can wear it in the evening with a tuxedo, or with a suit.

Raphael wearing his JLC Archetype Reverso watch with woebegone straps
Sven Raphael Schneider’s favorite Pre-Owned Watch: The JLC Reverso

Is the JLC Reverso Worth It?

I’ve never seen any other Reverso quite like it in person. Considering most of them are now gone, it’s probably plane rarer than most limited editions out there. I bought it for a little over a thousand dollars, and I could probably sell it for increasingly (because I got a good deal) but overall, I enjoy wearing it and I like the look.

Should You Buy A Rolex? (FAQs)

Are Rolex watches unquestionably worth it?

Whether a Rolex is worth it not will be largely subjective, but from a practical point of view, a Rolex should be well made to a point of lasting many years. They moreover don’t typically require frequent servicing, making them a good nomination for those less interested in spending a lot of time and money keeping their watches in top shape. Realistically, Rolex watches are built to be a practical piece first and foremost, which is acertainly a good treatise for them stuff worth the money.

What’s the point of owning a Rolex Watch?

If you’re simply looking for an elegant timepiece, then a Rolex likely isn’t the right nomination for you. If you’re looking for a timepiece that has many years of history that has acheived pop culture status, then a Rolex might be the nomination for you. Essentially, the point of owning a Rolex in the 21st Century is largly considering you value what the trademark name can bring to you rather than the horological reasons overdue owning one.

Why do people like Rolex so much?

The request of Rolex is similar to the Apple corporation; the products perform well, but aren’t the most elegant or luxurious solution. It’s largey a specimen of good marketing. As you can see in old Rolex ads, the accent on stuff a “manly” watch that only “the best” would segregate has washed-up a lot to raise the profile of Rolex to the heights it currently enjoys.

Is Rolex a status symbol?

Undoubtedly, Rolex watches are considered to be a status symbol. Many celebrities and other figures of importance have worn a Rolex throughout the years, and for many people this is the reason they desire to own a Rolex.

Is a Rolex unquestionably a good investment?

Not all Rolex watches are exactly alike, although many will squint very similar. For many collectors, things such as the age of a Rolex watch, the particular make, model, and styling ill moreover influence the price. It’s moreover very difficult to say which new Rolex watches will fathom or depreiate in value as time goes on, so purchasing a brand-new Rolex as an investment may not be a unconfined idea. Some vintage Rolex watches tend to proceeds increasingly interest and a higher sum at auction, but it’s not a guarantee you’ll see a return on any money spent on a Rolex.

Do people notice if you have a Rolex?

Rolex, much like Apple or Tesla, is a highly recognized trademark name. Furthermore, the diamond of many Rolex watches has been replicated throughout the world of horology, so people are unseat to have some form of familiarity with Rolex timepieces. However, your timepiece needs to be a part of your style, and reflective of you as an individual – if you’re just wearing a watch to get noticed, then others may think negatively well-nigh your intentions.

Are Rolex watches respected?

Whether a Rolex watch is respected depends entirely upon the group in which you segregate to wear the Rolex. Among other Rolex enthusiasts, sure, but for connoisseurs of fine timepieces a Rolex might not have the same level of intrigue as a rare or higher-grade timepiece might have.

Is it easy to buy a Rolex watch?

Much is said well-nigh the long waiting list for Rolex watches at an authorized dealer. If you’re looking to purchase a bran-new Rolex watch soon, chances are you’re not going to be very successful unless you’re not particularly fussy well-nigh the make and model you get. You’ll likely have largest luck acquiring a pre-owned Rolex watch, as you’re not waiting for the watch to be made and shipped – what you see is what you get.

4. Rolex Watches are Aggressively Counterfeited

Fake Watches Can Be Surprisingly Accurate

Counterfeit Rolexes are produced in such big numbers that their quality is unquestionably rather good, plane at a much lower price point. There are moreover a lot of OEM (“Original Equipment Manufacturer”) parts, and when you repair your watch and service it, they could potentially be used. When you buy from reputable dealers, they have a reputation on the line–which is good, considering they don’t want to sell you fakes (otherwise, they’d lose their business).

Authentic & Fake Rolex
Authentic & Fake Rolex

Be Prepared to do Some Detective Work When Ownership a Rolex

At the same time, dealers can buy watches from wholesalers, which can come without the box and papers sometimes. Maybe a given watch was serviced at one point in time by an unauthorized Rolex dealer, who put in parts that are exactly the same in shape, but not pure Rolex parts. In these cases, if you were to want to resell the watch one day, it would likely be marked as stuff partially fake. As such, there are many risks involved when ownership a pre-owned Rolex that you have to alimony in mind.

A horologist at work, adjusting various watch parts
A horologist at work, adjusting various watch parts

Even if you’re working with a reputable seller, maybe there’s a part in there that is not original and authentic. If you truly want to buy a 100% original timepiece, the only unrepealable method is to buy a new Rolex, which comes with a upper retail price.

5. Most Rolex Models Aren’t a Good Fit for My Personal Style

Are Rolex Watches Unquestionably Stylish?

The models of Rolex that hold their value are the “sports” or “professional” models. Meanwhile, my style is increasingly formal and increasingly dressed up than most men out there; considering of that, I prefer dress watches when wearing a timepiece. Now, Rolex has a dress watch line (which is not so well known) which is tabbed “Cellini.” The Rolex pricing structure puts this line much higher than many of their stainless steel sports models (which usually sell for six to ten thousand dollars themselves). Most Cellini watches are made out of gold, and considering gold is so much increasingly expensive, the retail price is higher.

Rolex Cellini Dress Watch
A Rolex “Cellini” dress watch. [Image credit: watchtime.com]

The upside to Cellini watches is that they’re not faked as often, and you can pick up vintage models for as little as three or four thousand dollars. Personally, I find sometimes that their looks can be very dated depending on the decade they were produced, but they moreover have very classic watches in their lineup.

Rolex Cellini: The One Reason I Might Buy a Rolex

In other words, here’s the “special exception” in today’s article: if I would overly buy a Rolex, it would most likely be a Cellini in a archetype gold color. I could wear it with a tuxedo or with other increasingly formal gown that I’m likely to wear. The overall diamond is closer to an element of fine jewelry which is just much increasingly my style because, in my opinion, it’s smaller, slimmer, and increasingly elegant than a sports watch with a stainless steel bracelet.

6. A Rolex Watch is a Status Symbol (That I Don’t Finger a Need to Have)

As you know, I run my own business: the Gentleman’s Gazette website and the Fort Belvedere e-shop. I’m not doing million-dollar sales deals in boardrooms wideness corporate America – but if I were doing that, I think I would strongly consider ownership a Rolex watch, considering it can indicate success and signal to the other person, “This guy is serious.” As such, it’s increasingly part of a uniform than an expression of personal style.

Rolex Submariner in Woebegone and Steel
Rolex Submariner in Woebegone and Steel [Image credit: Discover.Luxury]

A Timepiece Has to Fit Your Personal Style

On the other hand, I have an online and offline track record that is very public. People can see that I’m really into men’s clothing, they can see that we have happy customers – so I don’t need to prove anything to everyone with the watch I am wearing.

A watch can instantly create visual interest to an outfit
Raphael doesn’t finger the need to show off with his timepiece

It’s considering of this desire to show off with an expensive watch that many people put a lot of stock into owning a Rolex, creating a “high demand” for unrepealable models. Many men will proudly share stories of how they’re known by name at various Rolex dealers and how they’re “on the waitlist for that GMT-Master II that’s had scarce availability in recent years”. Personally, I’m very happy to be my own person and whippersnapper the trend by focusing on curating a wardrobe and watch hodgepodge that works for my style. I don’t need to be on long waiting lists just to replicate what celebrities and many other men are wearing.

7. Personally, Watches Just Aren’t a Passion of Mine

If you know me, you know that I’m truly passionate well-nigh a lot of things. However, watches are simply not one of them. For example, if I momentum a fast car, I finger very emotionally tying to it, I finger alive. When I see a nice watch, I like the squint of it–but emotionally, it leaves me cold. I mean, I honestly like the squint of unrepealable watches; the Reverso, the Tank Americaine, the Royal Oak, the Patek Phillippe Calatrava, or watches from A. Lange & Sohne. However, when push comes to shove and I have to decide to put money down, I’ll most often decide to spend my money on other things.

The 2015 Patek Philippe Calatrava Reference 5153R 001
The 2015 Patek Philippe Calatrava [Image credit: Haute Time]

Seeking Joy in Other Avenues

As an example, I prefer cufflinks and rings over watches; I know many men don’t, but I do. They’re collectible, they’re a lot less expensive, and they’re increasingly unique. Now, rings and cufflinks are an accessory, just like a watch, so emotionally they’re not as heady as driving a fast car and feeling the velocity and the breaking. At the same time, I would say I still like cufflinks and rings increasingly than watches. Frankly, I’d struggle to remember to put on a watch, considering it’s just not natural to me. I like to have my wrist self-ruling of any weight, plane though I know that if I wore a wristwatch every day, I would probably wilt used to the weight.

Monkeys Fist Knot Cufflinks - Vermeil Sterling Silver Yellow Gold Plated - Fort Belvedere
Monkeys Fist Knot Cufflinks – Vermeil Sterling Silver Yellow Gold Plated from Fort Belvedere

In Conclusion: Why Rolex Isn’t For Me

In a nutshell, I would not buy a Rolex considering first, it is not my style; second, I don’t really superintendency for the diamond that much; and lastly, it is simply too expensive, and I would rather spend my money on other things. Just considering the world virtually you loves Rolex doesn’t midpoint you need to have one if it’s not your style. Conversely, just considering a lot of other men like Rolexes doesn’t midpoint you can’t like them, too. We truly believe that big purchases of this nature should be increasingly well-nigh staying true to yourself, expressly considering all the marketing hype virtually watches that’s out there right now.

Rolex GMT Master
Rolex GMT Master

To illustrate this point: Brock McGoff from the Modest Man did a video well-nigh ownership his first Rolex recently; at the end of the video, he mentioned that no one overly tabbed him out on his Rolex, and he thinks that no one really noticed it! At the same time, he seems very happy with his investment, considering he likes the squint of it and it makes him finger good. If that’s you, then by all means, go out and buy a Rolex. For me, it’s just not that big of a deal, I prefer other watches, and overall, I like other things increasingly than watches.

What do you think of our appraisal? Would you buy a Rolex–and if so, would you go new or vintage? Share with us in the comments below.

Outfit Rundown

In today’s video, I am wearing a Rolex GMT Master with a undecorous and red dial and a woebegone squatter in stainless steel. I moreover chose cufflinks in lapis lazuli with sterling silver and a carnelian in sterling silver considering they are red and blue, so it works well, and is resulting with my watch.

Raphael in cufflink matching his Rolex
Raphael in cufflinks matching his Rolex
Silver Eagle Claw Cufflinks with Lapis Lazuli Balls - 925 Sterling Palladium Plated - Fort Belvedere on a white background

Fort Belvedere

Silver Eagle Claw Cufflinks with Lapis Lazuli Balls – 925 Sterling Palladium Plated

Silver cufflinks with carnelian balls

Fort Belvedere

Eagle Claw Cufflinks with Carnelian Balls – 925 Sterling Silver Platinum Plated

Knit Tie in Mottled Silver Grey Silk

Fort Belvedere

Knit Tie in Mottled Silver Grey Silk

White Linen Pocket Square with Undecorous Hand Embroidered Polka Dots Spots

Fort Belvedere

White Linen Pocket Square with Undecorous Hand Embroidered Polka Dots Spots

My jacket is a double-breasted petrol undecorous fresco jacket that is a part of a suit. I’m wearing it with a pair of visionless brown and white seersuckers and a woven leather pair of penny loafers. It’s a very summery combination.

A summer squint of white shirt, undecorous jacket, and seersucker pants.
A summer squint of a white shirt, undecorous jacket, and seersucker pants.

Because of that, I widow a white shirt with a knit tie in a mottled gray, which is from Fort Belvedere, just like the white Italian linen pocket squares with hand-stitched or embroidered polka dots, which works well with my outfit. It picks up the white of the shirt, as well as the undecorous of the GMT Master and my cufflinks.