Mastering the Art of Shiny Nails

Nail varnishes may seem like a rapid method of obtaining lustrous manicures, but they may not be the best choice for nail maintenance and hygiene. But here are some dazzling nail secrets for you. Your nail cosmetics are most probably laden with chemicals that dry out your nails and cuticles. The preservative in their composition becomes a barrier and prevents oxygen from penetrating the nail. It is only natural that your nails appear brittle and damaged due to the lack of adequate oxygen to the epidermis surrounding them. Also, pedicures and aesthetics are essential for appropriate hygiene and lifestyle. Shiny nails are created with excellent nutrition and natural remedies available right in your kitchen! So, it is high time you take a vacation from routinely painting your nails and give them some breathing space. Scroll down for some ideas!

How To Make Nails Shiny?

Maintain Good Health

Many people get behind nail products that claim to strengthen and lengthen nails like miracles within fewer days. We spend an enormous quantity of money on them, but the result is always nada. Our nails are still brittle, desiccated, feeble and inert. Have you ever pondered why they don’t work? Because you need to be healthier first to attain lustrous nails, not only the topical remedies work. Always cuticles reflect our overall health so do also examine them attentively. Foods rich in B-complex, Iron, Vitamin A,C,D and Calcium are very essential for nail health. Include raw vegetables, seeds, whole grains and greens to get those nail vitamins. Drinking of at least 8 glasses of water every day is also necessary to maintain excellent nail health. Remember, healthy cuticles always shine!

Petroleum Jelly Works

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Carry a small Vaseline container in your hand luggage wherever you go. Take some and massage your nails gently after every hand cleanse. This prevents loss of moisture and thus your nourished cuticles shine eternally! If you are lackadaisical about any other treatments, Vaseline or any other petroleum ointment just works. Massage your nails with them especially after every bath and before going to bed every night. You can also use colorless lip moisturizers as your nail treatment, they do marvels. Nail maintenance involves keeping your nails moisturized and using a top varnish and base coat for appropriate nail protection.

Homemade Nail Soaks For Shiny Nails

Isn’t it natural to create your own nail soaks from kitchen ingredients? Of course, it is very simple too, you can create one in seconds. Many of the kitchen ingredients contain antioxidants, which are essential for nail health. They strengthen cuticles and make them appear gorgeous and glossy. Check out the following recipes and attempt them in your leisure time to become the proprietor of lustrous attractive manicures.

i) Olive Oil For Nails

Olive oil is an excellent natural substance found in most of the cosmetic products and it does marvels in healing damaged frail nails. Heat the olive oil until it is tepid, remember not boiling. Now pour this in a basin and submerge your nails into the heated oil. If you’re doing this for your toe nails, make the container large. Leave on for 2 minutes, take out your hands and don cotton mittens. You can leave this overnight or for an hour as per your request. Wash off with fresh water and moisture with an excellent hand and nail cream after that. On a similar vein, A YouTuber shared her insights on what practices one can incorporate to enhance nail health. She said, “So, I take one drop of oil on the palm of my hands, and I kind of smear it around my nails. Then I take a small quantity of lotion and massage it in (i).” The blogger emphasized that it’s not the quantity of oil that you apply but the consistency of it that’s what matters. She also stated that this technique does not leave hands feeling oily.

ii) Milk

Don’t have time or just feeling lazy? Leave your concerns. Pour some tepid milk into a basin and submerge your nails into the milk. Wait for a few minutes, let your nails absorb nourishment from the milk. Wash off and moisturize with a nail cream or even a cold cream.

iii) Rose Water

Mashed avocado mixed rose water also functions as a nourishing nail treatment. Brittle and lackluster cuticles get nourished and moisturized by following this nail treatment regularly. Good nourishment is the key to glossy nails.

iv) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is abundant in essential nutrients and lipids that nourish the epidermis around the nails and the cuticles. A nail treatment with coconut oil and a tablespoon of salt can make them stronger and promote nail growth. The salt provides fortifying minerals to the nails, while coconut oil thoroughly moisturizes and helps strengthen damaged nails, heal hangnails, and prevent nail ridges.

Important Tips to be Remembered

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Avoid acetone-based manicure cosmetics if you want lustrous cuticles. They make your cuticles frail and damaged for sure.
Wear mittens while doing domestic duties, such as laundering clothing and utensils, as they may lead to flaking of nails.
Maintain a healthful diet with biotin and zinc supplements after consulting your physician. This works wonderfully and demonstrates quicker results.

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Why are my cuticles not shiny?

Poor nutrition, improper digestion, frequent contact with chemicals such as detergents and abrasive cleansers, and overuse of nail varnish, filers, or gel manicures are reasons why nails lose their healthy luster.

Does alcohol make gel nails shiny?

Alcohol can thoroughly eradicate any debris and residue on the nails and prepare it for a coat of gel manicures. While it does not directly make gel nails lustrous, it helps clean up the nails and remove any residual that can impede with the gel nails adhering correctly to your nails.

Are there any particular nail products or instruments that can help enhance nail shine?

manicure varnishes or top coatings as well as buffer boards are manicure products and instruments that can help enhance nail luster.

How do I care for my cuticles and adjacent epidermis to enhance nail appearance and shine?

To enhance nail appearance, you can moisturize your cuticles and adjacent epidermis daily, avoid clipping them, and delicately press them back.

What are some potential causes of nail damage or frailty, and how can I prevent these issues from influencing nail shine?

Poor diet, using abrasive chemicals, constant nail paint and nail art application with gaps and excessive file can cause manicure damage. Have a balanced diet, wear mitts, take pauses between nail art sessions, and use mild products on your nails to attain lustrous manicures.